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Do Business Better.

You know what you do well now allow LAVON CONSULTING to help you take it to the next level.

Small Business? No Problem.

Specialized services to help your small business put its best foot forward.

Nonprofit? Expand Your Impact.

What you do is for the betterment of this world.  LAVON CONSULTING can position you to do your work with the operational and fiscal excellence it so rightly deserves.

Have you focused on running the business to the detriment of how you actually DO business?


Let LAVON CONSULTING work to position you to meet your goals and exceed your prior expectations.

Positioned for Greatness

Access Financial Resources & Improve Operations

It may feel like you are trying to stop a moving train; never able to stop and improve the systems you need to do business better. Or it may seem more funding or contracts are always out of your reach.  LAVON CONSULTING has solutions for that.

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Proposal / Grant Writing

Want to apply for funds but unsure where to start or do not have an experienced writer on your staff?  LAVON CONSULTING will work with you to create a proposal you can be proud of

Operational Readiness Assessments

Looking at your business goals for the next 6-12 months, what will you need to ensure success? LAVON CONSULTING can help you ensure you are ready by reviewing the current status of your operations and plotting out a clear path to follow.

Strategic Operational Improvements

Electronic invoicing, profit & loss tracking, payment collection and more.

Unlock the potential

Contact LAVON CONSULTING to find out more.